About CRMA Program

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About CRMA Program

The Certification in Risk Management Assurance® (CRMA®) addresses fundamental elements to unlocking the potential of internal auditing.

It demonstrates an individual's ability to give advice and assurance on risk management to executive management and audit committees.

Roadmap to earn the CRMA Charter

The CRMA program comprises two examinations, namely, Part 1 of the CIA exam, and a separate CRMA exam covering governance, assurance and consulting roles for internal auditors, and principles of risk management assurance. The CRMA exam is currently offered in English only.

Why do CRMA

Why do CRMA

  • Gain the ability to give assurance on fundamental business processes in governance and risk management.
  • Gain the ability to educate the audit committee and management on risk and risk management concepts.
  • Control self-assessment and provide quality assurance.


1. Focus on strategic organizational risks.
2. Add value to an organization as a trusted advisor.
3. Increase your earning potential by up to 51 percent*.


On-demand electronic certificates are available 24/7 in PDF format for individuals maintaining an active status. Printed certificates may be ordered at a fee. Additionally, you can choose to opt into the IIA Certification Registry and maintain it by reporting Continuing Profession Education (CPE) to ensure your credentials remain active. Inactive certifications will be excluded from the Registry.


Pricing Structure

  Member Non-member
Application Fee US $115 US $230
Exam Registration Fee: US $380 US $495