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A professional credential in internal auditing is fundamental to setting yourself apart from others within the profession

Adding credibility and respect, increases earning potential and advancement, sharpens your proficiencies and skill set.

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IA Practitioner

Certified Internal Auditor Designations


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Languages in Which the CIA Exam Is Available

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements for the internal audit practitioner are listed below:

  • A valid ID photo

  • A character reference

  • The completion of application for the Internal Audit Practitioner program

Exam Syllabus

As of 2 November 2020, the IIA will be launching a new Internal Audit Practitioner program and exam to better meet the continuous professional development requirements of students, as well as new/rotational internal auditors.

Unlike the current IA practitioner program which requires the successful completion of the CIA Part 1 exam, the new program will consist of its own exam which consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. Students who successfully pass the new exam and want to progress to the CIA program will need to complete all three parts of the CIA program.

The IA Practitioner exam consists of 5 domains, namely:
1. Internal Audit Attributes (IIA Standard 1000, 1100, 1200): 20%
2. Nature of Work (IIA Standard 2100): 20%
3. Engagement Planning (IIA Standard 2200): 23%
4. Engagement Work (IIA Standard 2300): 25%
5. Engagement Communication (IIA Standard 2400): 12%


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Qualification FAQ

The IAP program provides separate recognition for candidates who have successfully completed the CIA Part 1 exam.
The IAP program opens doors to career opportunities and is the foundation to professional status. It gives increased respect and credibility within the profession and organization. It's a stepping stone towards completing the full CIA or of specialty certifications requiring the completion of the CIA Part 1 exam. Additionally, it is a minimum achievement for those likely to be within internal auditing for two years or less than two years.
Effective 1 March 2020, the new pricing for the Internal Audit Practitioner program is as follows: Application fee:
- Members: $115 → $50
- Non-members: $230 → $100 Registration:
- Members: $280 → $150 introductory price in
the first year
- Non-members: $395 → $250 introductory price in
the first year
While IAP candidates do not need to join the IIA, we encourage it so you can take advantage of member benefits.
You can complete the IAP application via the IIA's Certification Candidate Management System (CCMS). Then, submit the required documentation to the IIA's document upload portal. You will then receive automatic notification of your status.
Once your IAP application is approved, log into CCMS and complete the CIA Part 1 exam registration form.
The CIA Part 1 exam comprises 125 questions. Candidates have 2 and a half hours to complete the exam.
If you complete the CIA program or obtain the CRMA, your IAP designation will automatically expire.
The IAP is not designed to be an indefinite qualification. Instead, it accommodates those who will only be in the profession for a short period or those who do not have enough experience to enter the full CIA program.
The IAP program is not a certification program. It is designed to recognize candidates who successfully complete the CIA Part 1 exam and are approved for the program.
​No, you will not receive a paper certificate, but rather a digital badge that represents your achievement. Candidates can display their recognition through social badging. This allows holders of IIA qualifications to display their credentials on social and professional networking sites at no cost.
Valid photo ID, completion of the Internal Audit Practitioner program application, Character reference