Our Vision, Mission and Values

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Promoting an ethical climate for internal auditing through shared knowledge and frameworks for compliance, as set out by international internal audit standards

The Saudi Institute of Internal Auditors aims to share valuable insights and information for internal audit processes for individual and organizational compliance.

Our Vision, Mission and Values


  • To be the professional reference and voice of the internal audit professionals in Saudi Arabia.

  • To work actively to develop, promote and disseminate the culture of internal auditing.

  • To develop close relations with relevant international professional institutions.

  • To provide the members of these relevant professional institutions with all the services they require.


We wish to develop the internal auditing profession through publication, standards and professional practice guidance, while focusing on researching and promoting knowledge on internal auditing. We endeavor to highlight the importance and role which internal auditing plays in control, risk management, and governance to practitioners and stakeholders, while promoting public awareness regarding internal auditing.


Awareness and Enlightenment: The Saudi IIA seeks to raise awareness on the significance of internal auditing as a profession and to promote a prominent message based on precision, integrity and transparency, as well as the practical culture that it makes available to the business community.

Continuous Development: The Saudi IIA is concerned with all audit-related theoretical or practical nuances and developments, any decisions relevant to the profession, and with providing modern educational media.

Integrity: The Saudi IIA is committed to compliance with the ethical standards of the internal audit profession by means of adherence to the international charters on internal audit.

Our Goals

Our Principles

We are committed to operating on the principles of objectivity, competency, integrity and confidentiality, mirroring the principles of the profession and practice of internal auditing.

How we became a chartered institution

The Saudi Institute of Internal Auditors is a professional institute. The IIA Saudi Arabia was established under the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (84) dated 28 February 2011, the non-profit affiliate of the IIA that is under the local supervision of the General Court of Audit. IIA Saudi Arabia governed by a board of directors whose members are internal audit experts based in Saudi Arabia. The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) Saudi Arabia became a full institute under the IIA Global Institute in July of 2012.