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The Saudi IIA condones objective, independent assurance, and consultancy processes that add value to organizations and improve their systematic operations. We encourage the participation of all members and internal audit professionals in contributing valuable knowledge to the profession.

Serve on the international committee

Utilize your professional and personal skill set with the IIA by serving on an international committee. Contribute to the strategic direction of the association and the continuous development of future products, services and guidance for the internal audit profession with your direction and leadership skills. You will be introduced to a wide array of new opportunities as an IIA leader.

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Partnership program

The IIA-KSA provides professional partnership programs for those interested in professional development in the field of internal auditing and related disciplines, to form partnerships with IIA-KSA in order to develop the profession

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Develop research reports and educational programs

Add value to the profession by becoming an author for the Internal Audit Foundation. Choose a topic from the list of pending educational and research product proposals, or make your own topic submission to create, develop and validate through research.

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Write an article

If you have a passion for writing, feel free to get in touch to find out how you can contribute and become an author in the profession.

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Participate as a guest speaker

Get in touch with fellow internal auditors who are involved in local institutes across the globe and participate as a guest speaker.

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