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About Institute of Internal Auditors

The Saudi Institute of Internal Auditors is Professionals Institute, established under the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (84) dated 28 February 2011, the non-profit affiliate of the IIA that is locally under the supervision of the Ministry of and Investment. IIA Saudi Arabia governed by a Board of Directors whose members are Internal Audit experts based in Saudi Arabia.

Goals and Objectives of the Institute:

  1. Provide international internal auditing standards, professional ethics, and other professional guidelines related to internal auditing and issued by the International Institute of Internal Auditors ("IIIA").
  2. Create and develop guiding materials and manuals and provide internal auditing-related knowledge and information.
  3. Hold examinations for IIA's professional certificates.
  4. Develop and implement internal auditing-related training programs, continuing professional education programs and diplomas to improve the scientific and professional levels of internal auditors, and issue related certificates.
  5. Provide technical support to control the quality of work related to internal auditing and develop means to improve professional performance.
  6. Develop studies with regards to regulations rules, and standards related to internal auditing work and offer suggestions concerning them to the competent agencies.
  7. Hold conferences and professional gatherings in the field of internal auditing as per the applicable regulatory procedures.
  8. Seek to promote public awareness regarding internal auditing.
  9. Strengthen relations with internal audit-related agencies in and out of Kingdom, and determine and activate common areas of interest.

IIA Saudi Arabia is a Full Institute under IIA Global Institute since July, 2012. The IIA

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To be the professional reference and voice of the internal audit profession in Saudi Arabia ; work actively to develop , promote and disseminate the culture of internal audit ; develop close relations with relevant international professional institutions; and provide its members with all services they need.